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IDDateSpeakerTitle and ReferenceLink
63209/13/2020Doug LiaoJohn 15:26-16:15 Paraclete (with slides)Play this
63109/13/2020Doug LiaoJohn 15:26-16:15 Paraclete (audio only)Play this
63009/06/2020Doug LiaoJohn 15:9-25 Loved Hated (with slides)Play this
62909/06/2020Doug LiaoJohn 15:9-25 Loved Hated (audio only)Play this
62808/30/2020Doug LiaoEsther 6 Pride (with slides)Play this
62708/30/2020Doug LiaoEsther 6 Pride (audio only)Play this
62608/23/2020Doug Liao1 Kings 21 Greed (with slides)Play this
62508/23/2020Doug Liao1 Kings 21 - Greed (Audio Only)Play this
62408/16/2020Doug Liao1 Kings 19 Sloth (with slides)Play this
62308/16/2020Doug Liao1 Kings 19 Sloth (audio only)Play this
62208/09/2020Doug Liao2 Samuel 11 Lust (with slides)Play this
62108/09/2020Doug Liao2 Samuel 11 Lust (audio only)Play this
62008/02/2020Doug Liao1 Samuel 20 Wrath (with slides)Play this
61908/02/2020Doug Liao1 Samuel 20 Wrath (audio only)Play this
61807/26/2020Doug LiaoNumbers 11 Gluttony (with slides)Play this
61707/26/2020Doug LiaoNumbers 11 Gluttony (audio only)Play this
61607/19/2020Doug LiaoGenesis 4 Envy (with slides)Play this
61507/19/2020Doug LiaoGenesis 4 Envy (audio only)Play this
61407/12/2020Doug LiaoEphesians 4:17-24 Sin (with slides)Play this
61307/12/2020Doug LiaoEphesians 4:17-24 Sin (audio only)Play this
61207/05/2020Linda HieplerActs 18:1-18 Corinth (with slides)Play this
61107/05/2020Linda HieplerActs 18:1-18 Corinth (audio only)Play this
61006/28/2020Doug LiaoActs 17:16-34 Athens (with slides)Play this
60906/28/2020Doug LiaoActs 17:16-34 Athens (audio only)Play this
60806/21/2020Doug LiaoActs 17:1-15 Thessalonica and Berea (with slides)Play this
60706/21/2020Doug LiaoActs 17:1-15 Thessalonica and Berea (audio only)Play this
60606/14/2020Doug LiaoActs 16:11-40 Philippi (with slides)Play this
60506/14/2020Doug LiaoActs 16:11-40 Philippi (audio only)Play this
60406/07/2020Doug LiaoActs 15:36-16:10 Three Scenes (with slides)Play this
60306/07/2020Doug LiaoActs 15:36-16:10 Three Scenes (audio only)Play this
60205/31/2020Doug LiaoActs 15:1-35 Pentecost (with slides)Play this
60105/31/2020Doug LiaoActs 15:1-35 Pentecost (audio only)Play this