Sunday Worship for September 6

September 6... And we're starting a new fall sermon series from John 15-17. Here are are the links to the audio of our service: And here are the service notes for today's service:
  • (Time stamp: 00:00)  Call to Worship. Psalm 69:1-4, 13-18.
  • (Pause the audio)  Song. 
  • (Time stamp: 03:12)  Kids' Time
  • (Time stamp: 09:30)  Second Scripture. 1 John 4:7-12.
  • (Pause the audio)  Song.
  • (Time stamp: 11:10)  Sermon.  Loved and Hated (John 15:9-25).
  • (Pause the audio)  Responsive Song. Our spotlight song this week is "Friend of God."  Here's a version with lyrics. And here are some alternates:
  • (Time stamp: 41:00)  Announcements (including Offering).
  • (Time stamp: 43:30)  Benediction.

Go in grace!

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